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Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

A Public Speaker cont...

The New Testament

Statutory work


Appointed by the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs as an Examiner and Member of the Film And Publication Board (FPB) in 2004


Appointed by the Minister Of Arts And Culture as Member of the council of the natal museum in 2005


Appointed as Compliance Monitor for the Film and Publication Board in the Northwest Province in 2008



Entrepreneurial work


In-with his work experiences, he established various trade entities in live arts, security, exports, estate agency, construction and an administration structure [authority].


Artistic History


After school and having had a vast live (stage) acting experience of four years with Live Artists, he opened a second phase chapter by being an ideal entertainer imitating Michael Jackson’s dance moves and went on training about 200 new artists in music, dance, modelling, acting and choreography acts.




In-Bar Compass

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Subject: Exodus from School Page  3


… His first taste of work was as a Marketing agent/ official in 1997.

Three months later he joined the security guard force doing both commercial guarding and V.I.P protection with a well established company then. Two years later he ...

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. Statutory work

. Entrepreneurial work

. Artistic History

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. Artistic work

. As Author

. General Attributes

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. Free Services

. Institutional empowerment services for hire

. Artistic skills serviceable/ for hire

. Creative skills serviceable/ for hire

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. Skills/ services for hire developed through expertise/ Experience And skills (SUBJECTS) transferable through training/ presentations/ counselling/ motivation

. Administrative and managerial skills serviceable/ for hire