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Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

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He won almost all his debate sessions no matter on which side he was on. He became the eventual Chairperson of the class debate. One day, when the general school debate began, Malapane joined the team and at this stage, he cold just commence on any topic and flow as if he had chance to prepare. Taken by the flair, the grammar and the rich message, the teacher took him from one class to another narrating the same topic but each time different from the last. Malapane wrote poems such as The Cleaner, which was lost in the years of growth. The last poem he wrote in high school is called F.B. Of Sight. In early 1997, Malapane wrote songs and a play for a church Sunday school and directed the project. One of the songs was titled Song For The Child. Several years passed and after the establishment of DIPRAS Entertainment, he wrote songs for some of his artists including the song Get Back. Most of Malapane’s work kept being lost like debris either by lack of good administration or by mere misfortunes. When Malapane became the Film and Publication board’s anti-child porn face Mr. Cool, he wrote his own songs for the campaign. Afterwards, he also wrote for the FPB’s newsletter including the first edition. When Skottaville Publishers advertised an opportunity for up and coming writers, Malapane wrote Mkhuzelwa – The Creed Of Epistles.




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By the time he took the initiative to have the book a did, Malapane had several poems, already written from his personal experiences and encounters with the waves and fronts of circumstances. Such poems and artistic expression, which already existed, is ...