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Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

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Dr Sipho P. Malapane, also known as Kay Dee (King Diamond) was born on the 23rd February 1979. He began schooling in Mabopane where the family relocated from Winterveldt in the early 1980s.


Malapane was toddled and grew under dense spiritual consciousness. He was prophetic in gifts at an early age. These were spiritual abilities his mother Maria prowessed.

When schooling came about, he could narrate and explain a number of Shakespeare's writ nay he could also solve grade 12 mathematical problems all thanks to his uncle Sunnyboy “Sunsocia” Mtshweni. Malapane grew like any other child but the bitter bite of life began after his father left when the family began facing soul soaring poverty. When he was in standard 7 (now Grade 9), a teacher who taught him English hated him so much she would tell the whole class how cheap and a failure he would turn out. He was counter inspired though by his Afrikaans Teacher Mr. Paul Mokoena who would in many instances after posing a question at him, immediately start writing the answer on the board as he (Malapane) spake and he would tell the class of how much Malapane reminds him of himself in his tender years. During schooling, he was talented in athletics. His lookalike image to Michael Jackson made a passionate fan of Jacko and began imitating his moves and certain behavioral patterns.


His father left the family when Malapane was in Grade 8 and the wind of poverty entrenched the family as the mother was then forced to be the sole bread winner. Malapane began gaining responsibility and now had to adjust roles wherein he had to be now more of a father to his siblings in an effort to fork in moral values and discipline. This was obviously a roller coaster ride since he had to balance fatherhood with brotherhood. In this experience, he compromised most of his youth entices. He nevertheless does  not think he did a successful job in this but admits he gave his best.


Malapane got born again on his way back from school during his Matric year. This began when a close classmate began an argument in class with other mates. On the way back from school he told Malapane how actually easy it is to be saved. Amazed that by just confessing Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour one is instantly saved, Malapane followed Sakhele in a sinner’s prayer and got born again. He sometimes calls himself a street kid. Maybe this is why he is overwhelmed by the passion to spread good news.


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