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Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

A Public Speaker cont...

Artistic work


Adapting from his past – before and after establishing an entertainment entity licensed with SAMRO – DIPRASS Entertainment, apart from his legislative duties with the FPB and the Department of Arts and Culture’s Natal Museum, he also took up as the FPB’s Anti-Child Pornography Character named Mr. Cool, tasked in the visitation of schools from primary to high. A task in which he would present a message against child pornography in edutainment fashion. That is, he danced and rap to entertain and in between, I deliver a serious message as a presenter.


As Author


He has written a three-book-apartment covering poems, short stories, briefs, songs, jokes, motivation and religion.

He also contributed to the creation and publication of the first newsletter of the Film and Publication Board by writing various articles therein.


As Social Worker/ Minister Of Faith


He has been the Bishop of True Vine since 2009 and has been prolific in counselling, in its gross definition and has articulated a lot of living words.


General attributes


As a complex of experiences, of his trade experiences, my direct exposure to arts and entertainment, private business and to national State service by Ministerial appointments, with sound knowledge of legislature an ground understanding of industries, rallies sound relevance to the challenges ahead. Nay, he can speak, read and write in eight of the South African Languages.


Malapane adapt wisely to the notion that he has clear distinction of personal preference from professional obligation nay, he carries a will of patriotic expectations. All taken at steadfast value of loyalty and organization focused best interest…. And thus tomorrow is never like today!


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Subject: Exodus from School Page  3


… His first taste of work was as a Marketing agent/ official in 1997.

Three months later he joined the security guard force doing both commercial guarding and V.I.P protection with a well established company then. Two years later he ...

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. Artistic History

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. Artistic work

. As Author

. General Attributes

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