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Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

The Minister Of Faith cont...

Backslide and Rerun


The episode of backsliding took him to the dungeons of lust, fornication, drunkenness, violence and recklessness. He dwell so deep in this he titled himself ‘The Devil’s Son in Law”. In the advance of 2006, he began to reconsider holding high again the cross of the faith but he kept a rise and fall series of events. One day, his brother KEN, came back from school and brought with him a pamphlet of a student ministry based in schools and the pamphlet that had a particular name as a secretary of the movement to contact. When he (Malapane) looked at the pamphlet, he fell in love with the owner of the name and immediately said this is my wife. He did not pursue this though and kept on with other women. One day, coming back from his route of lust, he was bored when one girl all he wanted was for Malapane to use her. This fell so wrong on him to say how can a person surrender herself like that, in that, on that day he decided to ring the number he took from the pamphlet and from there, he dated the owner of that name—Lesego.  One day, on the 19 June 2006—a week after the new love began—Malapane rolled with a car but none of them in the car got injured.

He got her pregnant but miscarried. In 2007, he engaged and married her. Before the marriage, some of the rooms in his home—which were build as shacks outside—burned to ashes without any probable/ known cause to this day but no one was harmed. His marriage became a roller coaster. In 2008, he had a son—Bhek'Izwe (Take care of the World/ World Caretaker). He began serious efforts in returning to Christ though the journey has been a struggle. Criticism both domestic and foreign became companions in his life. In 2008 hopped from churches until on the 18—21st March 2009, when True Vine was launched.


Given the profiled mandate of True Vine, the ministry also plants church stations worldwide either by themselves or in aid of other ministries. True Vine’s in-house church stations/ bases would thus be named True Fellowship.


By May 2010, True Vine launched the first church station In Ga-Rankuwa, North of Pretoria/ Tshwane, South Africa under its full administration. This church made the first of the True Fellowship series.


On the 30th September 2012, another milestone was erected in Malapane’s life. He was conferred a Doctor of Divinity Degree by the Wesleyan Theological Seminary, honoured by the President of the seminary and the Presiding Bishop of the Wesleyan World Federation. To this, True Vine was—without aborting its independence—also membered in the federation.


In June 2013, Dr Sipho P Malapane a conventional version of True Vine through online social platforms, more with facebook and the ministry—True Vine Conventional Ministry sprout worldwide through cell groups and various evangelical platforms. True Vine Conventional Ministry boasts social platforms such as a worldwide Chain Prayer and The Young Pulpit.


Malapane Family—Mother: Maria. Brothers and sisters: Sipho, Themba, Ouma, Rose, Kleinboy, Sfiso Brother by Aunt/ Uncle: Sbusiso, Isaac friendship by Brotherhood: Maestro (David Mpane), Grandchildren: Mpho, Nhlanhla, Charmine, Bhek'Izwe, ken, Siyabonga Daughters-in-law: Lesego.


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The episode of backsliding took him to the dungeons

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