Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

Birth And Early Life cont...

One day Mkhuzelwa had to beat Sjiko his brother in Law by traditional respect. Sjiko seemed disrespectful to the elders around him and Mkhuzelwa called him to order. Since Sjiko was stubborn, Mkhuzelwa said his trademark anger echoes “babakeee... tjerrrr”. Those who were wise knew that if there was a moment to run, this is it. But Sjiko was stubborn seeing that he is s tout and huge and Mkhuzelwa was smaller in body structure. But then, Sjiko was so beaten he was unidentifiable. The next day, Sjiko could not walk nor see so Mkhuzelwa took him home. It was not until they lived in Winterveldt that Mkhuzelwa forgave him. There are many stories that went through this channel of history and they just can’t be told sufficiently here.

             In 1967, Mkhuzelwa and his family left for Winterveldt.

When Mkhuzelwa died, he had buried all his siblings and in most, even their children and had also lived long enough to witness or hear sounds of their livestock pilling in the molts of rot.

Only had he lived to see his wishes and dreams of starting a legacy of his own come to triumph against the adversary of life and conquest over eyes of war. I came to honour an uneducated man with greatly impressive thought of arousing a rude awakening against foe and those who hath come together over him. The legacy of Mkhuzelwa brews into a legend with many ports in the vases of stories and are confirmative by the reaction that gills in our blood at the sound of their tell.

Prior to his death, Mkhuzelwa used to say “Mkhulu (As he would fondly address his grandsons) I wish the Lord would give me two more years so that I would see the glory of your business successes”. That was in 1998 and he did live two years but regrettably nothing transpired in that given time until he sadly passed away in 2000. By this time of his death, the grand-family had already moved to Kwa-Mhlanga in Mpumalanga, after twenty-two years in Winterveldt.


When the times of land redistribution came as he was still alive, we shared a common passion of getting the larger land stolen by the thievery segregation laws back – a land I am still awaiting up to this day, due to the terribly slow government progress. Our interest was establishing this land as a farm as it was in the beginning. It was during this time that he would encourage me that I write down the history behind the land so that I would find it useful in the future should anything happen to him. Sadly, I never wrote these historical events as I thought he would live longer, considering his strengths and as thus, I missed important details of his heroic life. As much as I might have missed certain details of his life that involves mine in every way, this book goes out to the petals of his fire-inspiring tempest soul that dwells in the enchantments of history. It was clergy of an uneducated man to consider the value of keeping written records in the form of history. Had I only steadfastly adhered to his inspiration, thine eyes would have surely learned of the greatest warrior Habura and Groenvlei ever from time indefinite to time indefinite, as J.C Maestro Funnyman would say.

However where I shall foot, the blood of Mkhuzelwa that rails in the convoy of my veins shall there foot in stout deity. This book also carries with it the intend of relative thrive in the bestow of shelves and homes. The creed of Mkhuzelwa knows neither tempt of coward nor nectar of fear in his aggressive form of advance and fierce of attacks. Thus in this book I shan’t leave any stone unturned or perceive intimidation to write the depth of expressions or intend of message. Thus it honours the man who lived by his principle of stature even in the reams of death itself. Rhadasi…Nodindrwa…Mzilakatha

My mother was a very spiritual person from an early age and in her spiritual awakenings, she was a prophetess, even long before I was born. She was so spiritually strong she once engaged in a cold war of daring with one of the then popular traditional healers who claimed that the day shan’t down with my mother’s soul still in her body. In counter attack, she also said, the very day shall instead not down without his intestines being shared by dogs on the streets. Verily it so happened! But then, when she was baptized, right where she was standing, after she had come out of the water, a terrifying snake-like creature erupted, jumped high into the sky then went back into the water. Immediately the baptismal process came to a halt.

In one of her mysteries, once during her healing sessions, there was brought a lady who was literally dead, she spend a night with her in her prayer rituals and the next day, the lady was alive. The only economic defect was that she never charged anyone for the services she would render, even when I myself was now wise enough to witness some of these events.



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