Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

Birth And Early Life cont...

The school had three deputies by then – or at least that is what we thought then – and one of them, Mr. Mohulatsi, was my Afrikaans teacher and I happened to be his “A” pupil in class. In fact, I helped him mark books because I was able to define the basis of a correct answer apart from what was on the answer sheet. So upon the gathering, the teachers he called were shocked that he had difficulty with me and when asked about my late coming, I simply said that I had a problem of coming late so because his subject is the first of every day, it suffers the consequential trauma. I was asked to cooperate and left because he was beginning to be humiliated. From that day on, he ignored me and I ignored his lessons. By September quarterly examinations, I took my desk mate’s notes book as he insisted and as I copied them to my own notes, I began to teach myself the maths I missed and I succeeded. I was grateful to myself that I was not taught by the teacher. It did not mind whether I fail or not. I just did not want his name to associate with my success. It was a difficult schooling period anyway.

When I was in high school, to my role models, I came to add Michael Jackson – whom I fanned until to this day, despite his trials and tribulations. One thing about me is that I have the highest level of loyalty and deeply I hate jealousy and witchcraft!

During my days in high school I was popular as Michael Jackson, as I would imitate him and clothe myself in his style. Something I would still do anytime, when season permits.


It was in high school where I really developed my passion in poetry and writing. When I was with Live Artists, a group that was performing stage drama, I wrote my first story script and song. The script was somehow lost by the Director of the group. I then wrote my first poem called The Cleaner, which was lost in the years of growth. The last poem I wrote in high school is also featured in my book and is called “F.B. Of Sight”. During my fellow years with Live Artists, I was voted as the best artist/ actor, by a special audience during a preview of the group and its works.

Well, I had to resign from the security company after eighteen months and pursue other interests in a trail of business ventures. However, life was not ready for me in the books of success, thus seven years of massive struggle erupted.

The businesses kept of experiencing a ninety degrees straight crash, one after another, for almost seven years. From all these experiences, I leaned of the ruthlessness of the world, the mean and evil of people at some points even within friendship circles.

In many points, I would draw motivation from my mother, my grandfather Mkhuzelwa and my brother Kleinboy who is named after Mkhuzelwa – three people who have been my loyal fans without wavering since the dawn of our lives until as yet.


Life became brighter in the early years of the new millennium. Though at some point, I had to experience my management in then Dipras Entertainment (now Diprass Entertainment) hijacking an event I was hosting and they collaborated and collated with other promoters.

I have been there, seen that, and done that.

Some of the heartbreaks and counter wonders I faced, I shan’t tell of in this book. Not yet. But if you listen to the song by Notorious B.I.G. called Juice, thou shall understand the life I lived, literally.


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