Tru Vyn.

Glory belongs to God. When it boils down to men, we call it honour!

Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

Latter Years cont...

On November 2007, we got married. Immediately, our marriage was with rough rides that descended from few months before the marriage and new humps blew out. We got our first separation in the very late December and reconciled in early January 2008. Our life was filled with uphills and downhills from that point, mostly amassed from family. From this hardhills, my old ills crept in as well and a life of drunkardness and lusts brew back. This time she was pregnant as well.

On 25th April 2008, on the day I received my first salary in a new position, Bhek’ Izwe was born as my first born. My spiritual life was not on good footing and I was grossly misjudged on this basis. Growing up was not an easy route and I would not take it a task again if granted choice, and the world as is, never made it easier for me. Anyhow, I never expected to be treated softly, yet neither did I expect to be dealt with so harshly even by both friendship and family circles. However, this episode was amongst the greats—to have a son to my account.


In year 2009, I made my eventual repentance and founded True Vine. There were people in my life, during the sour and sweeter of moments. Some left during bitter moments, some stayed, some came in and some walked away during better seasons. New ones came respectively! Acknowledging friends in Ilizwe group - A Ministry we had in our Christian life. Special respect to Shimane David Maestro Mpane who came into mine life as a co-worker in the then Juggernaut in 2003 – which later became Avataria Kutani Interspace Administration cc – to become a friend and a brother with a difference of unconditional contribution, as young as he is! During tougher times, I would also acknowledge uncle Jabu “B'lunga” Ntlou – who made a healing difference. Up to date, I have put more focus in my revived life as a Minister of faith and entrepreneur! However, my social life is never a boring one.


The earlier days of my life and marriage where odd but with grace, it later matured swiftly and life gradually blossomed distinctively.


In 2011,  I made my publishing debut and the following seconded with another offering. Though I departed with the FPB under unfavourable circumstances, this shut door keyed open many others.


In 2012, I was conferred with a Doctor Of Divinity Degree by the Wesleyan Theological Seminary, honoured by the President of the WTS and the Presiding Bishop Ignatius Ntombela of the Wesleyan World Federation. And that, changed my title.




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