Its quite an honor…


I desire to recognize and thank


The Most Reverend Dr. Sigqibo Ntombela – The president of the Wesleyan Theological Seminar and The Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle of the Wesleyan Methodist Church International,

 Mrs Vuyo Ntombela – The First Lady and The Episcopal Supervisor,

Dr Mabaso – The Registrar, Saints at Large and the Members of The Board Of Regents.

And I wish to recognize the Wesleyan Theological Seminar and the Wesleyan Methodist Church International, The International Methodist Council, and respectively, all members of the Wesleyan congregation and faith.

I don’t come alone, I am accompanied by my wife – Mrs Lesego Malapane, my mother – Pastor Maria Malapane,  My Grand mother… uncle… My Brothers… and friends…

My entourage would have been way larger but owing to that this event went to a Sunday, most had to remain to honor their respective roles in their local church.


The most difficult thing for a charismatic preacher to do is to deliver a speech. In most platforms we usher heart throttling preaching and forget that there is that time in limelight when all you have to do is to be quiet and speak the noble mind of thanks; that there is that time in glory to define the thin line between the podium and the pulpit.

Well it is podium time for me now. I wont be preaching.

Normally I intimidate audiences with waving preaching but now, I am the most humbled. 

This honor comes far above and outweighs most recognition I have ever received, in a sense that it changes my title…

Not only will it change my title but it will also go deep in the history and heart of the Larger True Vine.

True Vine is a Hebron of various denominations, churches and ministries and advocates the gospel of The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 

There are those who believe that I am worthy of being recognized but I think the honor is much higher than I am worth.


I am humbled enough not to blow my own trumpet… but in terse…


At the youth of my age, I am a Bishop at True Vine and have been blessed with some of the most charismatic member ministries who make a real difference in lives of our people.

I have been fortunate enough to have participated in the socio-economic barrels of the country and society, being notably ranked number one by who’s who SA. Sometimes wishing the financial vaults equated that status.

I have a history of notable appointments in the ranks of political authority and have been blessed fairly as a fresh author of books, with some of my creations heard on national and international platforms.

I have been seated with ministers, shared platforms with ambassadors, dined with the celebrated and shook hands with presidents… but now it is safe to say, I now join a league of great challenges.


The greatest challenge in the timeline of the gospel is to keep a humble character as you grow larger; To remain low in heart as you tall high in statue. Just as the Bible demands in the gospel of Matthew 5.

For me the only greater honor at now, is the grace to have to come to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of His resurrection and nay, the pursue of that to full circle. Besides having been awarded a certificate of Salvation In Christ Jesus, I am much honored at this degree of recognition.

It is divine to imagine how I came to befriend The Presiding Bishop and now relate with the Wesleyan Theological Seminar as well as the Wesleyan Methodist Church International. And I am hopeful that our relationship will go beyond the limits of time and this day. 


I mean it when I say I am thankful and very delighted to relate to the Wesleyan faith, a connection officially formed in 1843, UTICA, New York, to now walk in the foot prints of the likes of Lucious C. Matlack, Luther Lee for his railroad, LaRoy Sunderland for being tried and defrocked for his antislavery writings. Much that I have great respect and recognition for its theologian founder – John Wesley and his brother Charles Wesley, for what became the Wesleyanism – the breeding force behind the great wall of the Methodist movement.

I salute the Pilgrim Holiness Church for having made it into the history of the Wesleyan faith.

It should be exemplary and motivational to us today, to walk the land not at human beings in a spiritual journey, but as spiritual beings in a human journey.


That takes courage hence the bible says we are not given a timid spirit but a spirit of courage.

As we hold high degrees, we should never divert from their true purpose. Being a Doctor of Divinity takes to a great deal, accountability of spiritual wellbeing and relative diagnosis. To that, one needs in-depth knowledge on the very super-nature of God so as to embark on a living standard for man to adapt and repent to.

That knowledge breathes the understanding that God is spirit and those who come to Him should do so in truth and in spirit, that God is love and if we are ought to bear his likeness, we should bear that love – That the love of God should be reverend in us.

We are ought to be love personified. When we are called children of God, we are called children of love and thus, we are love ourselves for spirit bears spirit and flesh bears flesh. 


We need to be professional in the application of faith as those who live by faith, and hold high the surgical instruments of our gospel in Christ Jesus, being the instruments of the fruits of the spirit. In that we shall know that it is love that heals, love that comforts, love that shares and certainly love that rewards life with life.


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