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Sipho Malapane and Michael Jackson


The very year, 1994, Sipho’s love and adorance for Michael Jackson began. He became aware of lookalikes with Michael as people commented on this. This lookalike image initially began my mistake. When Sipho did his hair in aim to cut it later, and the cutting was delayed, commentary of his identical looks with Jackson began and soon, he entertained the idea and began to style it likewise.

Suddenly he began following Michael Jackson songs and lifestyle. He then began the

moonwalk practice and exercise. He got it right. Tried the squeaky sounds and got them right. Finally the voice, and he never got it right up to this day. Michael… I mean Sipho was adored for these looks. By now, his whole family had converted to fanship of the King Of Pop.


Sipho And the North-West’s Maru Production


Anyhow, Live Artists collapsed in 1995. The very year, concurrent to its collapse, Sipho and other got a break into stage acting Basie Head’s “Maru” for the North-West Provincial Government’s education ministry. When Chief – who was the

Director – left, the crew unilaterally appointed Sipho as the new Director based on his excellence, flair and exceptional performance. The fact that he was the standing best actor at Live Artists, stood all up. Nevertheless, because no one knew the link to the Department, no one was able to co-ordinate. Hopes that the department would come looking for them or if any of the other official would facilitate the message collapsed.