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The sky is not the limit. We’ve discovered the space as well

Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

The sky is not the limit. We’ve discovered the space as well!!!

Long Live!!! 

A life celebrated!    

Long Live!!! 

A life celebrated!    

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                 Song name: Will You Be There

Comment by S. P. Malapane“Michael Jackson… I owe the route I took in life to Michael Jackson. When I actually began gaining confidence about myself it was when I realized I had looks like Michael. The praises I got back then in the late nineties of being an actual lookalike of the King Of Pop moved me so much I began imitating him completely. I mean I wanted to know everything about him and do all I can manage. The dance, the  soft talk and the movements. Well I dropped the soft talk and few of the habits but I remained with the dance, the hair and the spirit to make it big and big enough. I became recognized for his talent in dance and I did a lot through loving him. I realized from him that when you do something, do it so much that there will be no room for improvement. Take for example his songs “Dangerous, Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean or Will You be there. There is no room to improve these or any other of his songs. You can’t actually  tune them otherwise even if you remix them. That is what I hope I archive every time I do something. The best quote of his I will take to my own grave should I have one is when he said “I never let anything get me down. No matter what”. It does not matter to me whether there will be another Michael or not. I knew this one, I respected this one. The fact that I will be searching for another Michael is because of this one. I don't even know if another Michael will be Black or Asian. I was fortunate to have known this one and for the fact that he was African, it blows me away. I will always remember Michael Jackson and I miss him so much.”

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“I never let anything get me down… no matter what!” - MJ

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