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Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

Life In business cont...

Nay, Glasscor—in which he were a manufacturer of drinking glasses made from bottles. This venture he ran with KEN and Maria.  Sipho invented a glass cutting machine which cut bottles into glass cups. Glasscor’s distributors went out of business later in time and that brought the cease of the firm. 

When year 2004 came about, David Mpane joined The Juggernaut_ Jag Of All Trades as it was known then. This was

the household name of all these trades. By this time, Juggernaut was running the Mabopane Resource And Skills Training centre at no profit. After a transition from North-West Province to Gauteng Province was declared, Sipho invited the Tshwane Municipality to come and learn about this resource centre which was now part of their assets. By 2004, Sipho applied and accepted a position as Examiner in the Film And Publication Board by the Deputy Minister Of Home Affairs_ The Hon. Malusi Gigaba, The following year, He applied and accepted appointment as Councillor In The Natal Museum by the Minister Of arts And Culture_ The Hon. Dr. Z. Pallo Jordan. This very 2005, when Tshwane Municipality finalized takeover of the resource centre_ a move Juggernaut initiated, they (Juggernaut) were thrown out of the centre for one political reason or another. In place other businesses were given premise into the centre which stopped being used as a development facility. The NEPAD plan of the Juggernaut was ignored. Juggernaut changed name to Avataria Kutani Interspace Administration cc after the name Juggernaut could not go through as a unique name at CIPRO. It was this time that Louvre Liana Estates was set up. Due to busy statutory work and other social commitments, these business ventures were fruitless. In 2008, Sipho become Compliance Monitor for the Film  And Publication Board at the same time he set up Vutha Bricks. 2009 came with a reshape and in 2010, Sipho put more into his business ideals as to other commitments and took them to the next level.


In 2011, Sipho found the CFAi to fight crimes of humanity and the Blue seal Institute which fights crimes of counterfeit, fraud and non-compliance with laws of trade.

In 2011 DIPRASS Entertainment was re-launched in full with mutual emphasis on a number of sporting quotes.

This very year also saw the introduction of the , Tru Vyn and DE clothing lines.


Currently the active Avataria Kutani Interspace Administration cc is a socio economic authority and mechanism of entrepreneurship., with Sun Brickery, Dream Ice Hair & Beauty Salons, Avataria Motor Works, and Mkhuzelwa Publications taking the lead.


A roll out plan to establish onlineducation—a tertiary institution providing 100% on line learning programs.

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