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I am not a genius. I was just taught early!

Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

En Writ...

The  Backyard


When Malapane was in primary, he could narrate Shakespeare. This skill was punched in by his uncle Sunsocia. By the time he was in middle school he enjoyed writing poetry and drawing sketches of fine art. By the time he was doing his 1992 Standard 6 (grade 8) examinations, he wrote and drew comic sketches of two films. One was his own creation of martial arts and the second, Robocop. He arranged the scenes of the sketches in a way that when the paper film was hand rolled in a designed box, it played the film in sequence.


Live Artists  .  Developed Poetry 


By the time Malapane joined live Artists, he wrote a play. The play was in comedy genre and was lined to be performed by the group. The play was sadly lost by the Director/ Producer of the Live Artists. Malapane still commended the Director for the motivation to write the script. The next aim for Malapane was to write a song. Influenced by Pop culture, he wrote a Rock & Roll/ Pop mid point song which he submitted to Live artists. The song was taken as a hit by the Director and was put to rehearsal for one of the other artists. Nevertheless, the song too vanished with the eventual demise of Live Artists.


When in high school he drew a sketch of fine art for a particular school competition. The sketch was  an  expression of an ideal desire about the ancient history of King Shaka, the impossible repentance of the devil to Christ , the release of the hell bound to life and harmony on earth. Malapane was good in poetry at this time.


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