Glory belongs to God. When it boils down to men, we call it honour!

Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

Birth And Early Life

“Addendum from  Lotjha, I rise to reckon that every product is the result and consequence of ingredients so put.

I too am a product of circumstances which hath been forthed in mine life. My soul, like that of every human being hath ate and drank from the gift of life as is.

Being a black man, I came to realise the consequence of being a product of apartheid, in which the tastes I ply in the choices I make and the preferences I relay to as far as my decisions are concerned, are of somehow bend by the hammering sounds of segregation.

However, I shan’t only focus on the ailing part of the world.

Without repeating that which has already being said in any of the spaces provided by the size of this book, I shall also acknowledge the better part of life I have come to dine with the sensive buds of emotional affection.


When I was born, in 1979, on the 23rd February, it was about five o’ clock, in the early hours of morning. I am told to have been as tiny as they come – the whole body very hairy and I cried with a very squeaky sound and had big eyes.

I am also told which I all believe of course – that I started to walk when I was seven months old. In fact I never crawled – not even once, not even by stomach. On a certain normal rainy day, my Mother – who you have already read of and seen on the pictorials, put me down on the kitchen floor. All of a sudden I moved side by side on buttocks- about three times – to the nearest chair, helped myself up from its balance and walked towards the door, since it was hailing on that day and a piece of ice had crept inside the door post. I moved towards an ice piece which managed itself indoors from the hail of the rain outside, sat down next to it, picked it up and ate it. Then on my way back, I stood up by no chair and moved back to my initial place. Meanwhile there was high jubilation in the house. That was the first of my many walks to this day.

Taking this to account, this is, to this very day, the same attitude and approach I clothe even to circumstance of this day in life.


I was born to be the first grandson of Mkhuzelwa and after me, followed an army of us. I grew to be close to my grandfather. When I became aware of myself as a being, it was a norm that whenever we visited the grandparents – which we did almost every weekend. I would share bed with my grandfather. This I enjoyed until I was in grade four – which was standard two by then.

Mkhuzelwa – to whom the title of my books goes, was born in 1919 at Habura. In the time I knew him, he was a good and very unique story teller. He would – the most – use a lot of actions, body language and mum and hum to give the distinctive flair of the story like pointing up and moving the entire arm, gripping it with the other arm, to indicate the slope of uphill or climbing a mountain, so forth. Mkhuzelwa was son to Kubele who was son to Magambi.

There are few things in life, many in living, more to life and most to living!
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Subject: The warPage 2


A war began in the mid 19th century (year 1800s) when Mamphoru (a chief from the North Sothos or Pedis) ran for refugee at the Amandebeles. When the Whites who were in pursuit of Mamphoru, arrived and demanded for him, the then King of the aMandebele – uNyabela – said ...

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Rose was born in 1933 in Groenvlei to Swartbooi Mandzimana and Moniwa Nqiliba Ostrich Sithole.  Swartbooi got married to two wives Moniwa and Popi who were daughters of siblings in that Moniwa ...

Subject: Mkhuzelwa and Mbovana Page 5


One day when Makensi was undergoing an initiation, Mkhuzelwa fetched Skhakhabe who was Mbovana’s son. He fetched him in questioning as to why he is so clean when every man has stripes that evident participation in the initiation rod fights. So he got him into the initiation’s fight to fight for his manhood. Skhakhaba’s father ...

Subject: WinterveldtPage 6


… n 1967, Mkhuzelwa and his family left for Winterveldt….

Subject: MabopanePage  7


However, by this time of schooling, in 1985 we had already relocated to Mabopane, 1340 Block “U” n Mabopane from Winterveldt, which relocation we did in summer 1983.

Subject: SchoolPage  7


… Now all these are abilities which would disappear as life progressed. When I went to school, I had no more of these abilities. And my mother had also quit. Yet some time in life she would help people until we all...

Subject: The Dawn Page  10


… Now all these are abilities which would disappear as life progressed. When I went to school, I had no more of these abilities. And my mother had also quit. Yet some time in life she would help people until we all...

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