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Glory belongs to God. When it boils down to men, we call it honour!

Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

Latter Years

Assuming that you by now probably know that I was born and when and how with all the pros and cons of my life, In 2005, I established Avataria Kutani Interspace Administration cc (2005), Louvre Liana Estates Nonpareil King Diamond Milky Way and BLUHCOMMS and, had been appointed by the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Malusi Gigaba an Examiner and Member of the Film And Publication Board (2004) and also, by the Minister of Arts And Culture Hon. Dr. Z. Pallo Jordan as Member of the Council Of The Natal Museum (2005). It was in 2004summer that I had a tranquil of spiritual experiences including being out of my body for some time and seeing the figure of God in my room. (The detail of these experiences in described for now at



When year 2005 came, I said to God that I needed pampering from the fatigue of hardship so I devoted myself in lust, partying and drunkenness in forming a pack known as The Wild Dogs or the African Wild Dogs. As odd as is may be, this were my freestyle and happiest moments. After having had tens and tons of affairs and dozens of wild parting, I decided to get low on the drive. This was after a girl I was with in an affair said I should use her instead of loving her. I saw how sick this was and decided to make a call that made a corner in my life. This scenery was also because, a girl I had committed myself to had by then went to study in far Cape Town two in early 2004 and my hopes had since dashed. This was one of the affairs I treasured and was welcomed at the family the Makwela family who had accepted me in their lives when I amounted to very little value. Earlier on in previous months before all this, when my brother KEN came back from one of his student prayer meetings and brought with him, a pamphlet  a pamphlet after which I saw, could not ignore.

             On the pamphlet was a name LESEGO OTTO and I fell in love with the name. However, I spent months after this not dialling the numbers though I had them in my phone. So on the above particular day, seated in my first car with friends and KEN, I decided to call her and set an appointment which I honoured. We met at her school and from that day, we were on. In late 2006, she got pregnant and we lost the child in January 2007.

This relationship came in my life as a beacon of hope and a healing horizon. Our courtship was a complex of fun and joy and a heart  opening exploration.

Our love was open and at full defence of each other. To think how we met, it was divine to how it brew.

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