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Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

Life In business

Life In the business sphere for Sipho P. Malapane began soon after he completed his Grade 12 Certificate (Matric). After working for Gondo Security Services from 1997, Sipho left the company in around August 1998 and registered a sole proprietary entity with the security regulatory body (Now PSIRA then SOB). The establishment King Diamond—Security Patrols And Protection Unit (KD—CPPU) became inoperative due to lack of business. The resignation from the company on its won was due to a transport contract they had secured then. However, it was not until the date he fully resigned that they were informed by the Truck suppliers that they will be breaching their understanding in providing the vehicles. Sipho and Nations were now left with a contract that had no vehicles. Eventually the contract was cancelled. This left the duo with a stream of debt, credit and reputation at the stake of scorn. After this, Sipho continued in pursuit of a security services contract after which, following a stream of unsuccessful attempts, Sipho began an entity called DIPRAS Entertainment which later became DIPRASS Entertainment. His grandfather Mkhuzelwa was a great fan of his endevours, not isle his mother Maria and brother kleinboy. DIPRAS Entertainment was launched in 2000 and over 200 artists were recruited through auditions. However, despite the striking poverty in his background, Sipho insisted that the training and development level—which was the only operative department of the establishment at the time—should be provided for free and the establishment will have to cover its proceeds from the events we would host. Sadly, events by DIPRAS Entertainment kept taking a freefall fail like wrong scientific projects.


Sipho would plan multi thousand rand costing events in such a way that the only expense from their side would be less than R500 (five hundred Rands) but then, even that amount was not available. To cover the expense of the auditions, part of the was paid by his grandfather from his pension grant. His mother would work doing domestic works around the area and would use all or most of the money at a time to support Sipho’ s endevours. Sometimes she would work for fifty Rands and give it all to him at other times, she would buy him airtime at thirty Rands and use twenty Rands for other household basic necessities.

Deeped under frustrations and severe drainage by poverty, as he would at certain times go to and fro meetings under empty stomach and coming back home, the whole family would share a single chicken feet and pap as dinner. More is that the very food would be given to them by a neighbour – many houses away from them. On the day when there was bread, he and his mother would leave the bread alone for those who would be coming back from school so they could have something to eat. It was around that time that Sipho brought about BLUHCOMMS (Blue Hornet Commercial Services) taking care of commercial services, and Nonpareil King Diamond Milky Way to deal with exports and imports. Life was hard in business. 

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