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You have just landed your interest into the life, story and events of Sipho P. Malapane; Dr Sipho P. Malapane also known these days as King Diamond or lightly as Kay Dee (KD).  To his son, he is fondly known as “Pai or Payi or Pae” whichever he intends.

The taps on the sides take you to pages of interest. But first and in general, ...Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa Malapane (King Diamond) was born on the 23rd February 1979 at Winterveldt, to Maria—Mawe—Malapane.

Sipho Malapane aka—Kay Dee—hails from a family of five siblings (Themba, Ouma, Rose, Kleinboy and Sfiso) sixth with him and not isle, Sbusiso. He was to later befriend into brotherhood Shimane.

He attended local schooling in Mabopane. Despite his trails of emotional, social, political and circumstantial participation and achievements, Kay Dee is no different to most historically disadvantaged individuals who, without the privilege of tertiary education, held high the spear and helmet of a deep desire in prevailing against the odds of our time. Kay Dee grew under a sticky cloud of poverty and hardship of which a major part came from being brought up by a single parent—his mother, whom he holds perennially in high regards. Maria raised a stag against the scorchy strides of African circumstance. He got married in 2007 to Lesego and borne a son—Bhek’Izwe. Kay Dee holds in regard most of family, friend and good society, with a plight of sonnets nay,  God addendum by praises of worship.

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Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

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