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Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

The Artist


Live Artists


In 1994, Sipho became part of a group of artists called Live Artists. The group was a specialist in live arts. The main form of the group were actors and compose four members including the director/ producer Goitsemang – Chief - Modise. The first script and production of the group, titled “the System Of Brotherhood” was a hit and amusement of great writing. After a year o rehearsals and training, the team performed in front of a selected audience to proof the script and test its appeal. Part of the exercise which was much more than a dress rehearsal, was to get feedback from the audience as to how they perceive the story and secondly, to choose their favourite acts, portions and actors. In an overwhelming majority and choice and comment, Sipho was chosen the Best actor of Live Artists at the time. The same year 1994, the skills Sipho would accumulate from the acting career made him a hit event in class. At one time, when they were given tasks to portray acts in Macbeth, Sipho was given the part of an injured soldier and to the surprise of the class, he went swiftly in his lines and act despite the fact that they had no time to rehearse the story. The teacher was so taken that she took Sipho class to class to act the story and display the flair. The same year, when the first democratic elections of South Africa were looming, the then Deputy President of the ANC, Thabo Mbeki arrived with an entourage at a venue in Johannesburg where Live Artists were lined to perform. At the entrance, Sipho was standing on the side of the entrance like any other artist and, when Mbeki came he went of his way to greet the unknown Sipho saying “Kunjani Ndodana” meaning “How is it son”. That went as a moment of honour to Sipho.


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