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I don't love God with just all of my heart. … a heart is a small part of me.

I love Him with more than all of me!

Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

cont...page2Text Box: Glory belongs to God. When it boils down to men, we call it honour!

Jesus is Lord & Savior

Ministry:  True Vine                 

Portfolio:  Founder/ Bishop

5fold Office: Apostolic

Gifts: Miracles/ Faith/ Healing/ Resurrection/ prophecy

Personal scripture: Isaiah 52v13-15

Tidbit of faith: The same book that says there is God and there is Satan, is the same book that says there is Heaven and there is Hell and, it is the very same book that says Jesus is the ONLY way to that Heaven.

Even though He slain me, I trust Him still because for me to live is by Christ.  To die is to gain””

Favourite statement: “Without Faith, it is impossible to please God!. I feel it in my bones,  if it is in my bones  then it is in my flesh, if it is in my flesh then it is in my body, if it is in my body then it is on my skin, if it is on my skin then it is everywhere,  if it is everywhere then it is holy, if it is holy then it is from God, if it is from God then it can only be through Christ, if it is through Christ then it is true because Jesus Christ the Son of the living God is the True Vine. Oh do you feel it in your bones?!”

The Minister Of
Do you feel it in your bones?True Fellowship

“God only asks for my heart… But if I were to love Him, I need to face the fact that a heart is but a small part of me. I would have to love Him with more than all of me, that of all, He Himself loveth me that much—more than I can ever ask for, yet before I was in my mother’s womb, with blessings poured, shaken together and overflowing that no eye has ever seen, no ear ever heard and no mind ever conceived and, gave all to me that was solely for Jesus Christ. Thus when a man asks for me to take him a mile, I am to take such for two miles but still, that is a bare standard. So, I am to proceed further than that.

Now that God—being God and not man—asks only for my heart—how far shall I go in loving Him?

I love the GOD, known to me through Christ Jesus”

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